My name is Adam, and I’m just another McDuffie going into the family business. My McDuffie ancestors were Scottish, and members of Clan MacFie, which would have been spelled Macdubhsith in its original Gaelic form. This can be translated roughly as “dark man of peace.” One of the many legends about the origin of the name holds that it derived from our ancestors’ ecclesial role in leading the church on the clan’s ancestral island of Colonsay (shown in the header image). Apparently the McDuffies have never stopped being immersed in the church. My dad is a former music minister turned hospital chaplain in Memphis and my sister is the new Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church Morehead, KY. I’m now a 2nd year MDiv student at Emory’s Candler School of Theology, seeking ordination through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship/Alliance of Baptists. Being a PK in the era of the SBC split, I spent much of my early childhood on the move, living in three different states before my third birthday, but I’ve lived in TN for the past 20 years and it’s the only home I really remember. If you ever meet me, chances are at some point I’ll mention that I’m from a small town in West TN, called Atoka. You can’t get there from here and we don’t have a traffic light, but it’s pretty great. Before coming to Candler, I studied at Wake Forest University, graduating in 2015 with Honors in Religion, with a concentration in Religion and Public Engagement. As a student, I was a founding member of the Interfaith Theme House, where I met my fiancé, Chanel. After graduating from Candler, my (current) plan is to pursue PhD work in American Religions, with the eventual goal of teaching at the university level. For now, I just enjoy hanging out with Chanel, hunting/fishing, watching my Braves and Deacs, and nerding out over religious studies. When the latter happens, I write about it here. So, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey man,

    I’m a friend of Corbin Croom’s. (My name is Christopher.) He sent me a link to one of your posts lately and said I should reach out to you.

    I’m studying organic chemistry for my Ph.D., but have strong interests in Christian theology, particularly Patristic Apokatastasis, the theology of St. Paul, and the theology of Jürgen Moltmann. What are some of your main interests? Corbin said he thinks we might be able to have some interesting conversations.


    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for coming by! I hope Corbin’s doing well, haven’t talked to him in too long.

      I’ll be honest that Patristics are a little out of my wheelhouse. I’ve done a little research into the Patristics and canon, looking at different church fathers’ citations of works that are now rejected as noncanonical. Nowadays, my interests are more in the area of American religious history, particularly Southern religion and the intersection of religion and politics. But, I also just like talking theology in general, so, if you’d like to talk, feel free to shoot me an email at mcduffiea@gmail.com. I do have a friend at Candler who is both an Early Christian thought nerd and a Moltmann fanatic, so I can refer you to him as well if you’d like.


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