Liberty and Justice for All (?)

fox-5-news-at-6pm-clean-feed2016-09-13-wagabcme02-mpg_18-00-47-17_1473805550113_1989274_ver1-0Last week, when I picked up the paper, I saw more images from the Newton mosque controversy, a controversy which I had understood to be winding down now that city officials were removing the moratorium preventing the construction of places of worship in the county.  And yet, I keep seeing more images of protestors outside the county courthouse, armed with rifles, making their voices heard in opposition to the mosque.

Now, I am (surprisingly to some, given my politics) a supporter of the Second Amendment. I’m from Tennessee, so it’s not really a stretch. I own firearms. I like to hunt. I like to shoot. I’m also a supporter of common sense. Second Amendment policy isn’t what I’m wanting to talk about here. I just want to talk about common sense and the exercise of freedoms.

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Safe Spaces, PC Culture, and Colin Kaepernick

pcbroIt seems that lately I’ve been hearing a lot about safe spaces and the overabundance of political correctness in this country. A lot about how thin-skinned people are today and how easily they become offended. Frustration with the PC culture and the feeling that safe spaces are an attempt to withdraw from hurtful words and ideas have led to a propensity for support of anyone willing to “speak their mind” and say how they really feel without holding back.


The problem is, a lot of those same folks who claim that they’re tired of PC culture and who rejected the notion of safe spaces seem to get offended pretty easily themselves. They seem to wish to turn this country into a safe space, more or less, where they don’t have to acknowledge ideas or truths they don’t want to acknowledge.

Take Colin Kaepernick’s choice to sit during the national anthem to draw attention to the oppression of minorities in America. First off, whatever you think about his choice, he had every right to do what he did. You also have every right to criticize him for that choice. It’s the First Amendment, do with it as you will, but just recognize that neither party is more right. The right to protest is protected just as much as the right to criticize protest.

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Teaching Islam in Schools (or an Ode to Coach Landau)

So, I’m back. I forgot I had a blog for about three years, but I’m back. Why am I back? Well, let me tell you…

I love Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings are my chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and just read the paper in the quiet of my apartment. I get to catch up on the latest in politics or read up on the latest loss for my Braves/Titans/Demon Deacons. This is normally a quiet and almost meditative experience, giving me the chance to step away from technology and the world for a little bit and just slow down.

The quiet was shattered this morning as I found myself engaged in an argument with the paper in my hands. My anger was directed toward an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution titled “Lessons about Islam stir mixed feelings in parents.” School districts in Georgia have been teaching their students about religions, including Islam, as a part of the social studies curriculum, and some parents are not thrilled.
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